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We are the authorised distributors for FARO products in India. We are the single point integrators of hardware and software solutions and provide bespoke purpose driven solutions to our clients.

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We sell, support & train on all integrated hardware and software installations to our clients

We undertake maintenance and warranty renewal contracts and help in repairs and spares.

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FARO Scene Software

Once you’ve taken 3D laser scans of the building you want to document, or you’ve captured the on-site data you need in order to preserve a crime or crash scene. FARO SCENE Software is where data processing and scan registration happens. With 3D SCENE Software, users can create stunning 3D visualizations of real-world objects and environments and export that data in various formats. SCENE also features an impressive virtual reality (VR) view, allowing users to experience and evaluate captured data in the VR environment.


The advanced FARO RevEng Software platform empowers users with a comprehensive digital design experience. The reverse-engineering software helps create and edit high-quality meshes and CAD surfaces from 3D point clouds for reverse-engineering workflows. Industrial designers can then use these mesh models for further design or 3D printing. 


FARO CAM2® Software is a powerful, intuitive and application-focused 3D measurement platform designed to help you efficiently complete your quality assurance and inspection tasks. It’s perfectly suited to manage repeat inspection routines, with live trend and statistical process control (SPC) analysis. CAM2 Software is designed for use with any FARO coordinate measuring machine (CMM), enabling operators to capture accurate measurements. It’s the world’s smartest 3D measurement platform.


What if you could take the guesswork out of construction quality control, resolve site issues faster and enhance operational transparency? As the first fully integrated tool for building life cycle quality assurance and quality control management, FARO BuildIT Construction Software empowers construction professionals to continuously monitor projects with real-time comparisons against CAD/BIM designs and regional standards using 3D scan data. With BuildIT Construction, architects and contractors can reduce waste and costly delays and deliver higher-quality projects in time to accept new business at an accelerated rate.