Quality Inspection Services with FARO Arm

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Quality Inspection is a vital component of engineering in any manufacturing organisation. Every quality department seeks reliable and accurate results from its equipment, while ensuring the process is seamless. 

At RASCO, we use professional grade industrial metrology equipment for contactless 3D Scanning and then use the principal of 3D CAD based inspection to produce Quality Inspection reports for our clients.

The basic principal behind this technique is to go by the fact that the component to be inspected is produced from a CAD model. So the CAD model is assumed as the MASTER or Reference Data and the component which needs to be inspected is considered as the MEASURED data. 

The first step is to digitise the produced part and generate a MEASURED Data, which is done by producing a 3D Scan of the produced component. Once we have the scan, we superimpose the scan and the CAD. With this superimposed positioning we produce quality inspection results like:

– 3D Deviation Plot
– Linear Dimensional Inspection
– Angular Inspection
– 2D Cross-Section Analysis
– GD&T Parameters Analysis

With these results captured, we produce customised quality reports aimed at easy and visual understanding by users to quickly and effectively rectify their components.