Consultancy for Electric Vehicles

We offer complete product development and market strategy consultancy for Electric Vehicles. We perform market research, due diligence, product teardown & benchmarking, reverse engineering and technology transfer services for EV industry.

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Consultancy Services

Product Teardown: We tear down Electric Vehicles and break them down to the last nut & bolt. We analyse all child parts by grouping them in different baskets based on the sub-assemblies. We extract all technical information related to child parts like dimensions, weight, material of construction, method of construction, name of vendors and any technical specifications.

Peer Benchmark: We benchmark electric vehicles with direct competition vehicles and conventional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles to conduct bespoke studies as requested by our clients which include OEMs, Private Equity and Management Consultants.

We help EV manufacturers in Bill of Material (BoM) costing for their child parts and give them complete BoM cost distribution and break up along with target buying costs for their purchasers.

We provide technical consultancy services like Reverse Engineering & Quality-Inspection to our clients including sales, installation and training of Reverse Engineering & Metrology Systems like FARO Portable CMMs, ScanArms and Geomagic Software.